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Accuflex Bev-Seal Ultra (3/16) 50'

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50' of the very popular Accuflex Bev-Seal Ultra beer line.  3/16' ID.

Now even easier to connect with Push to Connect fittings:

Shank Fitting


Disconnect fitting


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    Get the connectors!

    Posted by Rick H. on 13th Aug 2014

    I have an 8-tap keezer, and for the first three taps I tried heating the hose and the barb, which took more than 15 minutes per barb. Then I discovered the connectors. Pop 'em on and go! While the tubing is pretty rigid and can be difficult to work with, keeping the line clean is a breeze, and with about 9 feet of tubing my pours are perfect. I highly recommend this tubing, but definitely get the connectors!

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    Great beer line

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Apr 2014

    Clean and tidy install, I used boiling water and push method and it worked great! 12 feet at 11psi

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    Great product once you learn the "tricks" to using

    Posted by Tim Dellinger on 18th Apr 2014

    +1 on the previous reviews on John Guest fittings. I installed my first two using the "heat/expand/push-like-hell" method and while it worked, it definitely was a major pain. After reading about the JG fittings I bought a few and yeah, in less than a minute with no frustration, installed! One other note. This is barrier tubing and is designed for long-draw commercial installations so among other features, has a very low resistance to flow. When calculating line length I recommend using a resistance of at least 0.7 lbs/ft.

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    Great product, but don't try to fit it onto barbs

    Posted by ResumeMan on 17th Nov 2013

    This tubing is excellent. However I have to agree with Matt's previous review - save yourself some aggravation and just get the John Guest push-in fittings. Here are the ones you need: Shank: Flare for keg side:

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    Easy to install with John Guest Fittings

    Posted by Matt on 7th Oct 2013

    Great beer line. Very easy to install if you get the John Guest fittings from Fresh Water Systems. Less than a minute per line. Use at least 15 feet for 10-12 psi.

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    Great Product Great Price and How I Do It!

    Posted by TexanBrewGater on 4th Sep 2013

    This is the best product I've found and while it can be challenging to get the connectors on, with a little practice it's no problem. Here's my technique: I use a heat gun, round steel punch, and the clamping bar from a copper tubing flaring kit. I clamp the tubing in the 3/8 hole with about 2" sticking out, heat evenly around the end of the tubing, and press it several times onto the punch taper, flaring out the tubing enough to get started onto the barb fitting. The secret is being able to hold the tubing firmly enough to push it onto the barb. The flaring tool bar clamp works well for me.

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    great product

    Posted by mh on 29th Jul 2013

    High quality beverage line. A little tough to work with but not as bad as anticipated (based on other reviews).

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    PITA to install, but totally worth it

    Posted by Mike on 9th Jul 2013

    My old plastic tubing left a very noticeable off-flavor within hours between pulls. I performed a triangle test with this glass that sat in the line 48 hours, the other two fresh pulls. a I could not tell a difference. This line is RIGID so be sure to have boiling water and patience ready when installing, but it's totally worth it for the results.