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Blichmann 55 Gallon BoilerMaker Extension (100 Gallons Total)

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This extension for the 55 gal BoilerMaker pot increases the capacity to 100 US Gal gross capacity – perfect for a 2bbl batch size. The cylinder has an o-ring groove at the bottom that slips into the standard 55 gal pot. The extension includes a level gauge. A special tool is required for separating the cylinder from the pot after use   (sold separately). Since the extension is easily removed it makes cleaning easy. It also allows multiple batch sizes for extra versatility and is a very economical way to double the capacity of your 55 gal BoilerMaker pot!

The only extensions Blichmann has available have the G2 finish. The extension will work with both G1 and G2 pots but the finish matches the brushed look of the G2 pots.

 This is designed for 2 BBL batches, and is a great option for someone who wants to expand capacity without starting over with a new Brew Stand and set of kettles!

We've found that using a StarSan solution around the gasket / 55 gallon kettle top helps to get the extension into the kettle. Removal is extremely easy with the provided tool.

NOTE - Does not come with 55 Gallon Kettle in picture. This is just for the extension (top half).