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Farmhouse Brewing Supply

BrewRite 60QT (15 Gallons) Brew Kettle

Was: $209.99
Now: $139.99
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The Polar Ware BrewRite Kettles are a heavy duty pot designed specifically for the rigors of brewing.  The BrewRite Kettles have a 1/4" thich tri-clad bonded bottom with an aluminum core that is between two thick layers of stainless steel.  This high quality design ensures even heat distribution while eliminating hot spots (helps to prevent scorching of malt).  The thick padded bottoms make the kettles ready for induction, gas, electric, or ceramic heating methods.
Size:  15 Gal.  (60 qt.)
Height:  15"
Diameter: 19"



 We do not recommend lifting with handles when full.