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Huell Melon Hop Pellets - 4/oz (2022)

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Current AA: 5.0% - 7.0%

New variety with distinctive honeydew melon and strawberry aroma.

Use in: Some popular beer styles that make use of the Huell Melon hop include Belgian Ale, Hefeweizen & IPA.

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    Disgusting taste

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Aug 2015

    I made a hop tea first to assess the taste. It has a mild-moderate melon-stone fruit taste. When I made my usual IPA but placed huell in lieu of amarillo and used 2 oz of huell at 30 min, then 2 oz dry hop with 1oz of ahantum at 30 min and dry out in a 3 gallon batch, this made for a horrible tasting IPA. It had a very strange melon and weird disgusting cantalope flavors. Tasted very artificial and conflicting smells. The packaging came quick and sealed very well, but this hop is one to use very sparingly or none at all. As a primary hopping agent, it's just too odd.

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    As always fresh

    Posted by Tom on 3rd Sep 2014

    Got 4 oz. to use in a F-W Easy Jack clone. Hops were in perfect condition. Hard to assess this particular variety as my recipe carries 4 aroma hops but the dry hop smells like stone fruit and a little like mild melon. It 'plays well' with others and I feel built a good base in the beer. Will be buying more, I like Farmhouse.

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    Huell Melon

    Posted by Bob G on 30th Apr 2014

    I saw the name and it grabbed my attention. As far as aroma and flavor, I got stone fruit, maybe some strawberry, candy and light general fruit notes. Almost no melon, which I was really wanting. I used it in a SMASH pale along with 2 row. The beer was 1.050 SG, 1.008 FG and bittered with 1.1oz. @60, 1oz. @15, 1oz. @5 and .5 oz. dryhopped for 7 days. The hop had a familiar flavor and in reading about it a bit more, one of the possible subs for Huell is Calypso, which I did a SMASH with last year. I think the hop tastes good enough to stand on it's own but like Calypso, it would do well mixed with other varieties to create real depth in lighter, clean beers. My .02. I hope it helps. Cheers.