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Spelt Malt (Best Malz) 1-Lb

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BEST Spelt Malt is used for producing full-bodied, top-fermented beers.

Spelt is an ancient grain and is known to possess a number of health benefits. For this reason, spelt was the favorite grain of the medieval pioneers of today’s health movement. German nun, Hildegard von Bingen, born in the year 1098 is famous for using spelt in her recipes. Likewise, spelt beer, is considered highly digestible and conducive to good health.

This malt improves foam stability. It can also have other positive effects in the brewing process.

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    Best Malz Spelt Malt

    Posted by Scott Balovich on 9th Jan 2021

    Indispensable ingredient for my homage to Saison D'Epeautre from Blaugies! Spelt gives a nice nutty/wheaty dance to an otherwise straight-up pilsner based Saison. The Spelt in malted form provides a significant amount of diastatic power which makes for a quick and efficient mash. Spelt, which is an ancient form of wheat, does provide a significant amount of protein also so the finished beer will not be super clear but a good farmhouse ale isn't supposed to be anyway! Authentic European Spelt Malt is the way to go!

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    Brewing with Spelt

    Posted by Kevin Cummings on 1st Jul 2019

    I found a saison recipe that used Spelt, and I had always wondered what it was. My LHBS did not carry it (I thought they did), so I got it from you folks. The mash was fairly normal, and I bottled it last night. Nice smooth brew, notable more for the usual phenolic/spicy notes of the yeast but also hazy with protein. I think it did a very good job.