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About Us

Hello everyone, We’re Gary and Shanna, the new owners of Farmhouse Brewing Supply.

Our homebrewing adventure starting during the holiday season of 2011. I kept saying that I’d like to try this homebrewing thing that everyone is talking about. A friend (Thanks Jason!) had heard this comment too often and purchased me a starter homebrewing kit for a friend gift exchange. A couple weeks later, after purchasing an extract kit, Shanna and I made the kit during drinks and conversation. Still a very vivid and favorite memory. We were hooked from this point forward.  

Before long we made a RIMS system using many parts purchased from the previous owners of Farmhouse Brewing Supply so we could make all-grain batches. We began entering homebrewing competitions, became members of AHA, and the local homebrewing community. We were lucky enough to win some awards and I even got named Homebrewer of the Year 3 times in a row by our local homebrewing club. We’ve been able to scale up our recipes at a few local breweries, which is always a great time. I like to brew all different types of styles, particularly Pale Ales, Trappist Styles, and High ABV UK Styles, but will brew anything at least once. When Shanna gets a chance to brew, she usually sticks to sours. For her the more tart and sour the better.  Also once a year we make a batch of wine using different grape combinations. After a seemingly long career behind a desk, and being a long-time customer, an opportunity to take over Farmhouse Brewing Supply arose as the owners decided to pursue another avenue and didn’t have the time to dedicate to the homebrewing community. They didn’t want to close the shop all together and we were the lucky ones chosen to continue the legacy of Farmhouse Brewing Supply.

We will strive to continue providing superior ingredients, timely shipments, and quality customer service so others in the homebrewing community can build upon this amazing hobby.

Cheers & Happy Brewing!

Gary & Shanna

Keep reading to learn how Farmhouse Brewing Supply started.

Farmhouse was started in late 2009 after John was "downsized” and found himself back in school and without a job. It all started with the simple purchase of 18lbs of hops with the hope of making a few extra bucks so he could continue brewing during those lean times.

Well it worked and fast forward and you can see Farmhouse has grown above and beyond even his wildest expectations. It grew to have 80 varieties of hops (and counting), 60 varieties of malt, yeast, equipment, spices, oak, and a bunch of other goodies for your beer making adventures.

The first physical location opened in the spring of 2012 in Janesville, WI. We like to think of ourselves as your local online home brew shop.  John and Rhonda R.