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Farmhouse Brewing Supply


Baltic Porter Day

Posted by FHBS on 15th Jan 2021

In honor of Baltic Porter Day (Saturday January 16th) We thought we would share one of our Baltic Porter Recipes. Ingredients: 7.5 lb 2-Row Pale malt 5 lb Munich malt 3 lb Vienna malt 0.75 lb W … read more

Holiday Ale

Posted by FHBS on 6th Dec 2020

Hello Everyone, What looks to be becoming a holiday tradition we've crafted another holiday ale this season. To give a little background, last year, back when we could gather and celebrate toget … read more

Lubelski Hops

Posted by FHBS on 16th Jun 2020

Hello Everyone,We’ve decided to continue writing a little bit about some of the new hops that we bring in to try and give you a better idea of their characteristics. First up, Lubelski HopsLubelsk … read more

Zappa Single Hop

Posted by FHBS on 14th Jan 2019

We decided to do a single hopped IPA to try out the new Zappa hops we just received.Pretty basic grain bill with a some emphasis on malt :2row - 77.2%Vienna - 10.5%British Cara - 5.3%Carapils - 5.3%Ac … read more

Farmhouse Hop Blend #14

Posted by FHBS on 23rd Jun 2017

We released this hop blend a few months back and expect some feedback on it soon. If you have used this hop blend please comment here on the blog or review it here: Hop Blend Review. Here is a brea … read more