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Farmhouse Brewing Supply



Homebrewtalk - A wonderful resource for brewers from beginer to brewmaster .

Foremost Brewing - A directory for home brewing supply shops, wine making supply shops, brew pubs, wineries, and breweries across the US.

Water Calculators

Bru'n Water- A great water adjustment calculator, a little more advanced than others but once you get the hang of it you will love it!

EZ Water Calculator - Another great adjustment calculator (the first I used).


Session Beer Project - Lew Bryson’s continued effort to convince breweries, brewpubs and restaurants to produce and/or serve low alcohol "session” beers.

The Mad Fermentationist. - A log of the homebrewing and fermentational experiments of The Mad Fermentationist.

The Beersmith Home Brewing Blog. - The BeerSmith Home Brewing Blog teaches you about making beer, beer recipes, brewing techniques, beer styles and all things homebrewing.

Addition Information -

New hop info for HBC 342.