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90 Min Clone Kit (All-Grain)

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Brew your own DFH 90 Min Clone!

>Yeast is NOT INCLUDED in this kit.

You can select from the recommended yeast strains above or choose your own. The most commonly chosen yeast strains are: 2 packs of  S-04 if you prefer dry yeast, or making a starter with Wyeast 1098 if you like to use liquid.

This kit includes the following:

17lbs 2-row
1.25lbs Thomas Fawcett Amber Malt

3oz Amarillo
1oz Simcoe
1oz Warrior

Hops are premixed, hop continuously for 90min

Mash at 149-150*

Ferment with selected yeast at 64*. Use a pitch rate calculator for your starter, you want around 300 billion cells.

Dry hop:

2oz Amarillo
2oz Simcoe

Follow the recipe here:

Click Here for Recipe & Instructions

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  • 5
    Excellent kit at fantastic (sale) price!

    Posted by Scott W Sommer on 30th Mar 2020

    This kit was easy to use and brew. The beer is currently in secondary fermentation. The recipe was spot on, and the taste at the time I transferred it to secondary was also spot on with the 90-Minute IPA I have in the fridge. The grains and hops were well-packaged and fresh. I added the hops directly to the boil since after 90 minutes the first "toss" would have disintegrated even if in a hop bag. This caused a little more trub formation, but it settled out nicely. I used 3 packs of US-05 for my yeast. Can't wait to have a finished beer!

  • 5
    Amazing IPA!

    Posted by Shawn on 2nd Nov 2018

    I highly recommend this kit for "hopheads" and I'm always impressed with the quality of the ingredients from Farmhouse Brewing Supply. The flavor of this beer is great and it's strong, but perfect! I used Giga Yeast British Ale Yeast #1, GY011, and it turned out great.

  • 5
    To Chad

    Posted by KWad on 25th Nov 2016

    Your comment about having to use DME to offset the inefficiency of BIAB is misleading. BIAB yields very high efficiency if done correctly. Set your mill to a small gap when crushing grains for BIAB.

  • 5
    awesome kit

    Posted by Chad Kuhns on 5th Jun 2015

    I have purchased this kit 2x now. The first time i purchased I used two packets of the dry US04 yeast. It turned out really good. I did BIAB and added 1lb of light DME to offset the inefficiency of the biab method. The second time I brewed this I used the white labs wlp007 yeast. It turned out amazing. I highly recommend using the wlp007 yeast and pitch a large starter. You will not be disappointed!