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Accuflex Bev-Seal Ultra (3/16) 50'

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50' of the very popular Accuflex Bev-Seal Ultra beer line.  3/16' ID.


Now even easier to connect with Push to Connect fittings:


Shank Fitting


Disconnect fitting



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    Finally! No plastic flavor!

    Posted by Ian Gallaher on 13th Feb 2018

    After hassling with multiple vinyl (traditional) beer lines, I finally found this. It has absolutely no detectable plastic flavor. Yes, it has a lower resistance and is stiff. These are non-issues for me. I also got the push-to-connect fittings which are super easy to install. The only thing I didn't realize was that the push-to-connect shank fitting isn't compatible with my style of shank (kegerator with tower and curved stainless steel barbed intertap shanks). Fortunately, I actually found that this tubing slid onto them very easily without all the heating/streching that other reviewers have reported. Highly recommend.

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    Great but very stiff

    Posted by Sam A on 16th Apr 2017

    Seems hard to review a product that does such a simple task but if clean taste is what you're after look no further. It leaves no foul taste in the beer. The only complaint I have is the line is really stiff and hard to maneuver. Recommended Usage: Tap lines. I do not recommend this for a picnic tap. It works but man is it a pain in the neck. That being said I have setup two picnic taps with it but like I said it's a struggle. Recommended Accessories: I highly recommend using a John Guest push to connect fitting with this line. They save a lot of the headache for not too much money. The fittings come both for MFL QD and the size of faucet stems.

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    Easy, Quick, and great tasting

    Posted by Jesse Canady on 5th Jan 2016

    I purchased this tubing to replace the Vinyl tubing I had previously purchased for my kegerator. Despite being rated for beer and water, it left a foul plastic taste in my first few oz of beer. This Tubing performs exactly as advertised. It was extremely quick to install with the push to connect fittings, no leaks, no off flavors, and the lines have not cross contaminated any flavors. The resistance on this line is very low, so prepare for that in your balancing equation. I needed about 20 feet per line for good pours. I think it has a resistance of .4-.6 PSI/ft.

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    Love this product!

    Posted by Alfredo on 22nd Jun 2015

    I'm loving these lines and they were so easy to install! I couldn't use a push fitting because both my shank and sanke adapters were barbed but using a swagging tool and a heat gun from harbor freight made my job of installing 12 lines super easy. First heat the swagging tool and a liiitle bit of the tubing and insert the tubing to make it bigger, immediately heat the barb, take the tubing out of the swagging tool and insert it into the barb. Piece of cake.

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    Product good, needs instructions!

    Posted by Michael Lynch on 9th Jun 2015

    Being new to kegging, I thought I was just getting beer line. Then I tried to fit it onto my 1/4" barb. Fought with it for a while. It won. Looked online for help... learned that some people used a heat gun to soften it then jam it on. Did that... so-so results. Then called Farmhouse to ask what in the world I could do. They said buy & use the MFL quick disconnects. I bought. They work. Would've been nice to know ahead of time.

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    highly recommend

    Posted by Gary from Lock Haven PA on 2nd Jun 2015

    Use the bev-seal ultra with the John Guest fittings. It is unbeatable!

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    Slightly more expensive due to the fittings that make life easier, but NO PLASTIC TASTE!

    Posted by Franklin Villatoro on 14th Apr 2015

    DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and use the Shark and Disconnect fittings sold on here. No need to heat the hose and try to jam it over a barb. With the fittings all you do it pop it in. Need to remove it? Push a little collar on the sleeve it and pull out. EASY. Plus no plastic taste! Be advised that since these have a coating inside they hare less resistance and you might need longer line-lengths. Completely worth it.

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    Would recommend!!

    Posted by David, Austin, Texas on 25th Oct 2014

    I bought a keg of Blue Moon, and quickly realized my 5ft line was not enough - came out foamy no matter the pressure (supposed to be 14psi). I had a party coming up so rushed out and got some generic vinyl tubing from Home Depot (local home brew store was out of 3/16 beer line). I installed a 12ft line and this fixed my pour issue. However the beer had a horrible plastic taste to it. Not wanting to be embarrassed for the party I did my research and found this stuff. I did a rush order with 2 day shipping. It arrived on time and I installed it with ease using the Guest fittings. The beer now pours perfectly and tastes exactly like it should. I would recommend to anyone, it is more expensive that traditional line however IMO it is worth it. Just make sure you purchase the Guest fittings - this is hard line and nowhere near as flexible/pliable as traditional vinyl tubing.

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    Great line! Forget the other stuff

    Posted by Greg E on 9th Sep 2014

    This line works great! It has fixed my foaming issues alone with making my runs longer. Tried the boil method with a nail punch and that worked but was a huge PITA. Then I tried using a heat gun on LOW setting with the nail punch and everything got done in about 1/4 of the time.