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EXP 6297 single hop feedback.

Posted by Farmhouse on 13th Jun 2017

We did a 1BBL batch of single hopped pale ale using the EXP6297 hops from Hopsteiner at our brewery Rock County Brewing Company here in Janesville, WI and this is our impression.

The beer was a second runnings pale ale from a IIPA we did. It started @ 1.044 and final gravity was 1.008, the beer dried out enough to allow the hop profile to shine.

Our impression is that this hop is absolutely wonderful and its flavor profile is diverse enough to make this simple single hopped ale much more interesting that you might think. The bittering is aggressive (I assume this is accentuated by the low F.G.), its almost numbing on the pallet. There was an herbal component to the beer (in the nose and flavor) when it was young and as its aged just a bit (it's 3 1/2 weeks old as of today) it has mellowed in to an earthy almost white wine like finish. There is most certainly a citrus component to the beer and orange cream is a wonderful descriptor. It becomes more and more evident as the beer warms, its very nice because its not overly pronounced but seems to compliment all the other things happening in the beer.

For sure an interesting hops and we have already decided we will use it again in something soon. We may just make another batch of Single hopped pale ale....we like it that much.