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Zappa Single Hop

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We decided to do a single hopped IPA to try out the new Zappa hops we just received.

Pretty basic grain bill with a some emphasis on malt :

2row - 77.2%
Vienna - 10.5%
British Cara - 5.3%
Carapils - 5.3%
Acidulated - 1.8%

Starting gravity was 1.063

Our hop addition were:

60 min -.08/oz - 12.9 IBU
15 min -.1.5/oz - 9.3 IBU
10 Min - 1.5/oz - 5.1 IBU
0 Min - 1.5/oz - 0 IBU  15 Min whirlpool @ 180

Dry hopped with 4/oz for 5 days

The results from this hop is really amazing, one of the most dynamic single hopped beers we've ever brewed.  We expected the bittering to be a little aggressive/rough...and it is but not in an off putting way.  It really holds the entire beer together and lets you know you are drinking an IPA.

The flavor is multi dimensional; Citrus fruits up front, with a distinctive fruity middle (Tropical, sweet, tangerines), it all transitions into a wonderfully spicy finish.  Some get black pepper, some have said anise, I get subtle pine notes. It has a funk to it as well, hard to place the actual flavor but its the same "wild" flavor I've got from other Neomexicanus hops(Medusa, Willow Creek).

This aroma is where this hop really shines, it literally just explodes out of the glass, huge fruit notes (mango, red fruits, pine, citrus). Just an amazing aroma and really distinctive.

This hop is really worth a try and is a nice departure from the typical IPA suspects.


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