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Heady Topper Clone (All-Grain)

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Brew your own Heady Topper Clone!

Heady Topper is an American Double India Pale Ale. This beer is not intended to be the biggest or most bitter. It is meant to give you wave after wave of hoppy goodness on your palate. Tremendous amounts of American hops will creep up on you, and leave you with a dense hoppy finish in your mouth. So drinkable!

Based on the Popular HBT Recipe, we put everything in one nice package for you.

Includes Vermont DIPA yeast from Omega Yeast Labs*

Specs Based on 75% Efficiency: S.G  1.073
F.G  1.014
ABV 7.8%
IBU 100+

 *Should Omega DIPA yeast be unavailable a comparable yeast will be substituted

Click Here for Recipe & Instructions

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  • 5
    Closest I've come to the real Heady Topper

    Posted by Joshua Pakstis on 6th Sep 2018

    This is a great kit if you're looking to get as close as possible to Heady Topper in my opinion. I tried another HT clone kit from another online brew shop and, while it was good, this is much closer. I appreciate that it was workshopped from the HBT thread on HT.

  • 5
    Are you a "Hop Head"...if so, Buy this NOW!!!

    Posted by Shawn M. Coffin on 31st Oct 2017

    I've been brewing for 11 years now and this is the best IPA recipe that I've brewed! The hops that came in the kit were very fresh and this recipe kit is very close to the original. I used Omega DIPA Vermont yeast with a 2L starter and my fermentation kicked off in less than 12hrs. This is the first order that I made through Farmhouse Brewing and I was impressed with the quality of the ingredients in addition to their great customer service. Give this kit a try! Cheers! Shawn

  • 3
    Great Kit...bad yeast

    Posted by Collin Buesser on 24th Apr 2016

    I received the the kit and everything was ready to go. The only problem I had was when the liquid yeast was delivered it was really warm from shipping. I nailed the OG in the instructions and I noticed the fermentation was very slow. After 14 days in the fermenter I took a FG reading and came up very high (1.026). The packaging for the yeast says for beers up to OG of 1.060..this beer has an OG of ~1.074. I think the yeast cell count was pretty low in the package I got and I would have bought an extra yeast package knowing one package was good up to 1.060. Other then the yeast being questionable quality the kit was great and very easy to use.

  • 4
    Well packaged

    Posted by Luke M on 21st Nov 2015

    I like how this came packaged and with all of the items needed. Unfortuantely I didn't get any instructions and at the time I didn't realize there were any. I ended up making up my own instructions, but I fear the beer won't come out as it should've. That said, I'm fairly confident about my process, but you never know

  • 5
    Great Kit

    Posted by George C on 7th Nov 2015

    Everything is neatly packed and labeled for the time it is to be added and YEAST IS INCLUDED. What a nice touch! really simplifys brew day. Also exceptional customer service, I sent an email which was responded to within minutes.

  • 4
    As advertised.

    Posted by M. Holmes on 1st Nov 2015

    Recently received a can of Heady Topper as a gift. A rare treat for a Midwesterner. Immediately after, I ordered the kit from Farmhouse. Everything came in as advertised. Well packaged and ready to brew. Only one small observation - the brewing instructions were cut off and incomplete. No problem as I was able to get them online in complete form. Second dry hopping is now complete. Will be tanking and carbonating in just a few days. Smells like heaven in my basement brewery.

  • 5
    Hop Bomb

    Posted by Bill B on 10th Mar 2015

    This is the 'hopiest" Beer i have ever made. The quality of the hops was excellent. This is one I will be making many times over.

  • 4
    Awesome kit for a great beer

    Posted by Doug on 21st Jan 2015

    I like that everything is parsed out for you in bags especially the hops with the addition times. I typically brew 6gal batches, so did have to supplement some 2-row to correct the recipe. Also, the sugar provided is corn sugar and not turbinado which does have a slight coloring to it (10SRM) Probably not that big of a deal, but I'm sure the purists want to know. Overall, it's a great kit for someone that doesn't want to source all the ingredients individually which could prove to be more expensive. thanks FarmHouse Brewing!

  • 5
    Excellent Product and an Excellent Beer

    Posted by Keith Cargill on 20th Nov 2014

    I purchased this kit a while back, and just recently was able to sample the result. It is easily one of the best beers I've ever brewed, and also one of the best I've ever tasted. The bitterness is smooth and constant, leaving a slight coating on your tongue. The aroma is heavy with peach and melon, with a quite of bit of that Simcoe funk underneath. The taste is incredible, with a pungent mix of pine and citrus all backed by a slightly sweet malt undertone. As the other reviewers said, the kit itself is excellent, with everything vacuum packaged and labeled for ease of use. I brewed the kit as the instructions stated, using a whirlpool temp of about 170 degrees, and made a 1.5 L starter with the Vermont Ale yeast. Primary was done after about a week at 62-68 degrees, and I hit the FG on the nose at 1.014. Enjoy!