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Safale S-33

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Safbrew S-33 is a great yeast strain for Belgian style beers, such as Belgian wheats and Trappist-style Ales. Provides the characteristic phenolics of beers in Belgium. 

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    Underrated Clean Ale Yeast

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Oct 2013

    My experience with S-33 1. I used this in a dry stout (extract) - started at 1.050, ended at 1.013 and the beer was very good. 2. I split the wort and used it side by side WY1335 in Dawson's Multigrain Red all grain kit from Northern Brewer. The WY ended at 1.015 and the S-33 at 1.009 - both made a similar ale. 3. I ran S-33 side by side with US-05 on a split wort for an all grain pale ale hopped with amarillo and chinook. The S-33 was vigorous and finished after a couple of days while the US-05 was slow and steady. The S-33 ended up tasting a little creamier and had a very good hops character, with the US-05 having slightly more hops character by my taste. Both where super clean. 4. I made a partial mash version of McQuaker's Oatmeal Stout from Palmer and Jamil's Brewing Classic Styles. I used S-33 and it turned out great - maybe a bit too dry for what I had hoped. 5. I made a gluten-free pale ale with an OG of 1.050 (extract). I pitched a packet of S-33 and within 8 hours had an active airlock. The yeast percolated for a couple of weeks and was at 1.008 when I chose to bottle the fermented wort. In short, I think that this is a great bargain-priced yeast to have on hand for back-ups and to make fine clean beer. I think that it is an underrated brewing yeast.