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Chugger MAX Stainless Head Nano Brewery Pump 115VAC

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NEW! Chugger MAX Stainless Head Nano Brewery Pump 115VAC. 

All the materials are FDA food compliant and the components are UL Recognized. Can handle liquids up to 250ºF.  Stainless Steel pump head.

Inlet 1" FPT Outlet 1/2" MPT. Inlet tubing needs to be 3/4" ID Minimum and there should be some slight back pressure on the outlet to prevent cavitation.

Stainless Steel (Impeller housings) Teflon (Thrust Washer), CLEAR Silicone (O-Ring), Polysulfone (FDA) (Impeller)

Max Flow: 17 GPM 
Max Head: 27 ft.
Power: .125 HP
Electrical: 115V 60HZ
Can handle liquids of 250F
Materials are FDA Food Compliant
Components are UL Recognized
DO NOT RUN DRY - Non-Submersible

Cannot be run in an enclosed space such as a tool box. 

Do not restrict the inlet side of the pump in any way.  Inlet requires 3/4" Minimum ID  tubing and fittings for proper function. Inlet restriction may void warranty.

Cannot be returned if the cord has been cut.