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Deschutes Black Butte Porter Clone Kit (All-Grain)

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Brew your own Deschutes Black Butte Porter Clone!

All in one convenient kit!

Yeast is NOT INCLUDED in this kit. Please select from the recommended yeast strains above or choose your own. The most commonly chosen yeast strains are:  Liquid yeast, Wyeast 1968, Omega OYL-005, or Imperial Darkness A10.  Dry yeast, S-04, London ESB, or Nottingham

Black Butte Porter is an homage to the volcano of the same name and pairs the distinctive chocolate and roast notes from the malt with a slight hop bitterness. Bold reputation. Soft disposition. Surprising Balance. Behold an iconic and unexpectedly complex porter that’s more than meets the eye.

This kit includes the following:

10.00 lbs Two-Row Malt
0.75 lbs Chocolate Wheat
0.50 C-75
0.25 Carapils

1.0 oz Hops

Brew Type: All Grain
Batch Size: 5-5.25 gal
Boil Volume: 7-7.25 gal
Boil Time: 90 min
Expected O.G. 1.057
Expected F.G. 1.016
IBU 38
Expected ABV 5.3%
Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.0 %

Click Here for Recipe & Instructions