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Wyeast 1388 - Belgian Strong Ale Yeast

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The classic choice for brewing golden strong ales. This alcohol tolerant strain will produce a complex ester profile balanced nicely with subtle phenolics. Malt flavors and aromas will remain even with a well attenuated dry, tart finish. This strain is prone to stalling at approximately 1.035; racking or slight aeration will encourage it to finish fermentation.

Notes: This Wyeast yeast strain has been classified as Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus using rapid PCR analysis. This strain carries the STA1 gene, which is the “signature” gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus and will be found in all diastaticus strains.

Flocculation: Low
Attenuation: 74-78
Temperature Range: 64-80F
Alcohol Tolerance: 12%

Wyeast Info Page:
   Belgian Strong Ale

Commonly Asked Question:

The Wyeast package at my LHBS (Local Homebrew Store) is slightly swollen. Is it still OK to use?

Yes. Trace levels of fermentable carbohydrates or CO2 in yeast slurries at the time of packaging may cause a slight expansion in packages. “Off gassing” is a result of a small amount of metabolism or simply CO2 being released from the media and can occur with proper storage. This does not indicate the mishandling of the product or a decline in the health or purity of the culture. Some strains, including 1056 and 1388, are more prone to “off gassing” than others.

Swollen packages are almost always the cause of a small amount of sugar or CO2 being left in solution at the time of packaging. Upon shipment, CO2 can be released from solution or the yeast can consume the sugar and create a small amount of CO2. Cell autolysis, or cell death can also be a cause of swelling packaged. However, this is only in rare cases where the yeast is exposed to high temperature for an extended amount of time. If a package is swollen and has not been mishandled, it can be sold with confidence.